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Dixie Carter turning over a new leaf?


True, I've been a tad critical of America's number 2 wrestling promotion in the past (see: here, here and here) and thus it seems only fair that I try and report the (usually rare) positive news items about talent treatment, too. In the November 22, 2010 issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted a change in attitude in Carter's approach to the treatment of her wrestlers:

Dixie Carter recently spoke on the phone with Chris Nowinski and has become a strong proponent of taking more care of wrestlers. She’s wanted a tone down on blows to the head, and also wouldn’t let Mr. Anderson wrestle on the weekend house show in Nashville where he was scheduled to make his comeback. Instead, Anderson only did an interview, and also didn’t wrestle at TV, again only doing an interview. "Based on our conversation and from feedback from some TNA wrestlers, I do think TNA and Ms. Carter are taking a more active role on the concussion issue and I hope to see the trend continue," said Nowinski.


Of course, one has to question why exactly it took her this long to start caring so much about the well-being of her wrestlers, nor was the concussion issue something Dixie and TNA have only just heard about: Dave Meltzer noted in an audio show shortly after the infamous Rob Terry chairshot that those in management had argued over doing such an act, citing Nowinski's studies. Dixie didn't take sides, and instead informed Bischoff and his buddies it was up to him to do whatever he wanted. 

It's very likely Anderson's concussion, and the attention the ensuing on-screen storyline (with Matt Morgan, filling a Nowinski-like role, informing an uncaring Bischoff and Flair of the dangers of such head injuries) may have emboldended her to take action. TNA may be congratulating themselves far too much for taking steps they should have taken years ago, but it is refreshing to see them at least try and show a modicum of concern for the welfare of their wrestlers.

But there's also the nagging question: If Dixie is so dedicated to helping her wrestlers, are we to assume the company will now start paying medical bills for injuries that occur on their watch and pay to send guys to the hospital after shows? Or is that cash going towards bringing in the next D-list reality star they can find instead?

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