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Is Vickie Guerrero strapped for cash again?

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WWE's shoddy treatment of Vickie Guerrero would perhaps even make Dixie Carter blush.  (Wikimedia Commons)
WWE's shoddy treatment of Vickie Guerrero would perhaps even make Dixie Carter blush. (Wikimedia Commons)

That's the obvious question to ask, given James Caldwell's report that Vickie Guerrero is attempting to sell for $55,000 her custom designed Eddie Guerrero Memorial Low Rider on eBay.  It doesn't seem like something she would want to part ways with for sentimental reasons, which suggests that she probably desperately needs a cash influx from somewhere at the moment, unless after five years as a widow she feels the sale is necessary to be able to fully move on with her life.  It may seem preposterous that someone who has been a heavily featured performer on WWE TV for several years needs to pawn their assets on eBay, but this really isn't as preposterous as it might seem on the surface given the past information that has come out about WWE's treatment of Vickie Guerrero.

This wouldn't be the first time Vickie Guerrero has been strapped for cash.  Only a few months after Eddie died she had to sell her home, as she wasn't getting Eddie's sizable income anymore, who left her in financial trouble from the debts he had accumulated during his years of drug fuelled, reckless spending.  Thankfully the ever charitable Vince McMahon stepped in when he heard about Vickie's plight from her friends within the company and offered her a job as a TV character, which involved performing in sleazy storylines that exploited her husband's death (including a shortlived storyline where Chris Benoit insinuated that she, along with Eddie's nephew Chavo, were doing something shady with his estate) and regularly made fun of her weight and plain appearance (including an angle where Vince's son in law Triple H said a contract signing was like the United Nations and Vickie represented "Bulge-garia" and "Chunky-slavakia").  Moreover, WWE even appears to have had her seal her late husband's autopsy results so that pesky reporters couldn't dig it up and use them against the company, as the records were public before she was hired.  She even surprisingly grew into the most hated heel in the company.  Taking her role seriously, she went out of her way to develop her mannerisms so she could effortlessly generate genuine heat.  She was a great boon to Edge's career, who often struggles to get over without a more charismatic or hated sidekick by his side.

So what was her reward when she gave a month's notice to WWE in May 2009 that she wanted to leave the company so she could spend more time with her children?  Of course, it was a month long, much more mean spirited than usual, burial campaign of her looks, where she feuded with Santino Marella who made fun of her for looking like a pig, followed by this humiliating blow off angle where Edge asked for a divorce:

The bitter punch line to this burial were the reports after she left the company, that despite being such a high profile TV character, she was only being paid $500 per appearance by WWE, out of which she had to cover her own hotel and road expenses.

So it should have come as no surprise that it only took Vickie five months before she had to return with her tail tucked between her legs, needing the regular pay check again to provide for her family.  She probably returned for the same pithy amount, despite knowing that she'd be ritually humiliated again for her physique.  She even got the message recently and lost weight, yet the babyfaces still call her fat.  Thus, I hope she manages to sell the Low Rider on eBay for the asking price she's seeking, so she won't be as beholden to such a nasty company that even treats the widows of their dead wrestlers shoddily.

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