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Roy Nelson's management is dumb if they think WWE is the solution to his current contractual problems

As Kid Nate explains over at Bloody Elbow, Roy Nelson is in a bit of a contractual pickle.  To sum up, Dana White is refusing to book Nelson in another UFC fight until the lawsuit filed against him and Zuffa by his former employer, the Roy Jones Jr. owned Square Ring, Inc. (SRI) promotion, is settled.  Moreover, Nelson has almost certainly been forced to indemnify Zuffa for any losses they incur arising from the lawsuit over Nelson's contractual breach when he failed to notify SRI of his UFC offer and allow them to match it.  So Nelson desperately needs some cash to pay for all the legal fees that are inevitably stacking up.

Roy Nelson should have no fear though, his management has come up with an ingenious solution to his contractual problems!  It sounds like he was the fairly major UFC name Dave Meltzer was talking about in the November 8th Wrestling Observer Newsletter that was considering a career move to WWE.  Indeed, Dave Meltzer confirmed Nelson's interest in a WWE career on the November 14th Wrestling Observer radio show:

Which now explains why Roy has been talking about Undertaker and Royal Rumble and all that because Roy can't fight in MMA for anyone except for Roy Jones's group I guess, which hopefully, you know if you go to court, considering they haven't run another show, I don't think they can hold him to that contract.  But I think that he's looking at the idea that ... the Roy Jones group when they wrote the contract didn't include professional wrestling in the contract, so he figures that ... if I can't fight I can go into pro wrestling, not realising that pro wrestling is probably not as easy as he thinks it is and knowing Vince McMahon and everything, I don't know that Roy Nelson is going to be high on his list of guys that he would want to sign and put into developmental and I can just imagine Roy Nelson in FCW anyway.

Yeah, Roy Nelson and his management are being incredibly dumb and naive if they believe he could stroll into WWE with his record and his physique and be granted a fat contract with a push to match as a WrestleMania headliner.  Even if a miracle occurred and he managed to wangle a decent contract for himself, Vince would never seriously push a guy that looks like Roy Nelson!

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