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TNA showing "unprecedented concern" over concussion issues? What a joke that is.


One thing is for sure, Mr Anderson has never been short of gall, as anyone who saw his July 2007 interview with Fox News will readily attest to (the one in which he dubiously claimed he had never taken steroids, and, even more laughably, claimed if Chris Benoit's toxicology report didn't come back clean-which it didn't- it was surely because Benoit had likely "only done steroids the day he died" and certainly not an indicator of any flaw in WWE's drug testing.)  However, this report from a recent TNA house show even took me aback.

Mr. Anderson was introduced as the special guest. He got the star treatment. He got exasperated when no mic dropped from the ceiling. That got the "asshole" chant. Borash stood on a chair and dropped a mic into his hand. Anderson said he came to the show with the understanding that he was going to get retribution on Hardy for lacing his head open. He said it was the hardest shot he had ever taken and that wasn’t storyline. Anderson said he wasn’t medically cleared. He said TNA was showing unprecedented concern for their wrestlers (on the concussion issue). Anderson reminisced about making the drive from Green Bay to work the Tojo Yamamoto Memorial show for Bert Prentice and get his butt whipped by TNA originals at the Fairgrounds. Anderson introduced Pope as his replacement versus Hardy.

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