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TNA reported to have re-signed Kevin Nash, Nash plays dumb on Twitter

We're meant to believe this carny over journalist Dave Meltzer?  I think not!  (Wikimedia Commons)
We're meant to believe this carny over journalist Dave Meltzer? I think not! (Wikimedia Commons)

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez reported in yesterday's late night Wrestling Observer radio show that Kevin Nash has apparently re-signed with TNA, after a lengthy campaign on Twitter by Nash to get a pay rise out of Dixie Carter.  Even if Dixie called Nash's bluff and Nash re-signed for the same amount as last year, it's still a depressingly predictable dumb decision by her.  At this point in his career Nash brings little to the table other than his name recognition, which is pretty worthless when TNA by this stage has half a dozen other stars that have greater name recognition than he does, and thus losing Nash would have no detrimental impact on their ratings or any of their revenue streams.  Getting rid of Nash would also free up some cash so they wouldn't have to slash the pay of their undercard talent, like Eric Young who earlier this week became the latest wrestler to leave the company over pay, thus boosting morale.

Kevin Nash, for his part, immediately denied all the reports of his imminent return to TNA on his Twitter account RealKevinNash:

I did not sign with TNA wrestling co.


As always, I am a business man 1st, and a wrestler 2nd. I'm a free agent and if I decide to wrestle again.....


My wife, my son and myself will decide what's best for our family! I appreciate the support & love of my fans. Hope my decision pleases all.


@mickiknockout69 it's not that they lie, it's just the 1st one to the story earns credibility. In this case, everyone was wrong.


@TherreHere tell dave, I'll be waiting on my check.


I go to sleep a free unsigned man. It's funny, since I haven't been owned, i sleep like a baby. Up every 2 hrs crying. PEACE. GoodNight!

I suppose we're meant to take his tweets at face value.  After all, Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo would never make honest Kevin Nash lie to his fans, so that his on screen return is more "shocking" and like a "shoot"!

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