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Mick Foley on TSN's "Off The Record": He believes he's suffered "Dozens to up to 100 concussions."

The interview that we mentioned last week aired yesterday and is now available online.  You can watch the episode via the sidebar at the Off The Record site or download an MP3 of the audio.  The discussion about concussions came in the second segment and was pretty interesting:


  • "Honestly, I feel like something hasn't been right for a long time, like, uh, like I'm just submerged underwater, like things are not clear...I have not felt sharp for a long time."
  • He's signed on for his brain to be donated to the Sports Legacy Institute when he dies.
  • Many of his concussions were from his "routine/go-to" spots, like running with a chair and his opponent kicking it into his face.  He believes that if Vince McMahon knew he was always seeing stars when he did that spot, he'd tell him to stop, just like he told him never to do anything like the Hell in a Cell bump again and told him he was right to retire when he said he was often driving past his house for 20 minutes because he forgot where he lived.

In another physical note, he mentions that a doctor told him he had the knees of an 80 year old a decade ago, making them 90 now. There's a discussion he had with Vince McMahon about how it's hard for wrestlers to let go of the business, but it's not very detailed.  He also talks about his latest book and MMA, but there's nothing of note there.  Still well worth checking out.

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