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Fight breaks out at Linda McMahon campaign appearance and other campaign notes

(Or "Aren't you glad this is a wrestling site so you won't be subject to 'just in like WWE LOL!' comments?")

The AP is reporting that when Linda McMahon made a campaign stop at UConn today, a fight broke out among the spectators as chants of "Linda hurts women!" rang out.  Approximately a dozen members of a domestic violence awareness group were there and one, Brenna Regan, tried to present a "lifetime achievement award for promoting violence against women."  The member of the group involved in the fight, David Haseltine, is saying that a McMahon supporter tore his sign away from him.  McMahon's supporters and staff members are claiming that he shoved a supporter, which he denies doing.

As you'd expect, McMahon was quickly whisked away by her staff, but not before Regan could give her the "award" and ask about that clip of Trish Stratus and Vince McMahon.  At first, McMahon's staff tried to stop her, but were stopped by the candidate, who said that Regan "[had a] First Amendment right."  She added that "[Regan] can talk.  She's not very well informed."  One of the protestors yelled "Thank you for bringing violence to our campus!" as she left.

UConn police say that while one of the protestors filed an incident report, there probably won't be any arrests.

McMahon spokesman Ed Patru released a statement about the incident:

With the election tomorrow, supporters on both sides are eager to have their opinions heard. We are fortunate to live in a country that allows us to freely express our views, but regardless of whether we disagree, we will not be able to turn our country around and put people back to work unless the debate remains civil. A disappointing incident occurred this morning on the UCONN campus when a male protester at a pre-election rally shoved a young woman supporting Linda. She is fine and has declined to file charges against him, but it is disappointing that Dick Blumenthal's campaign has resorted to intimidation. Linda asks those on both sides of the debate to make their opinions known at the ballot box rather than through physical means.


  • While Richard Blumenthal still has a healthy lead, it's shrunken a little bit to 9 points (53% Blumenthal, 44% McMahon, 3% undecided).  Among independents, he's only ahead 5 points (49% Blumenthal, 44% McMahon, 7% undecided).  Perhaps tellingly, he has a huge lead among female voters (61% to 36%), while McMahon has a small lead (50% to 46%) among men.
  • Some of McMahon's ads that air on New York-based stations don't use the word "Connecticut."

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