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Strikeforce: Diaz vs Noons 2 Results - Marlos Coenen Submits Sarah Kaufman to Become the New Women's Welterweight Champion

Photo by Tracy Lee via <a href="">Cagewriter</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee via Cagewriter

Early on, it looked like this fight was going to be a shining example as to why Dana White has the position he does regarding Women's MMA. Right off the bat you could tell how much bigger Coenen was. Kaufman had a great deal of trouble getting inside with her punches. They did a lot of clinching early on against the cage. Kaufman was playing defense, getting the underhooks and forcing a stalemate. Two seperations in the round and a lot of booing. Coenen closed the round getting the better of a mini-flurry.

Round two saw a lot of the same. Both fighters were cutting angles and doing enough clinching to really get on the nerves of the live crowd in San Jose. Kaufman used her power to keep getting underhooks and pushing Coenen around the cage. Seemed like she wanted to try to wear Coenen down but it wasn't working. After a restart, Kaufman looked to clinch again and Coenen hip tossed her for a big takedown. Immediately though, Kaufman switched and got top control. The round came to an end with a bit of foreshadowing. Kaufman barely managed to escape an armbar.

The third round saw Coenen get another takedown and Kaufman get on top. Once they were in that position, Coenen stayed very active, constantly looking for submissions. Then Kaufman postured up and started reigning down blows that looked to not be landing. Before you knew it, Coenen slapped on another armbar and this time Kaufman tapped to give Coenen the win. The referee was slow to stop it but it was a clean submission win and a solid performance from Coenen.

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