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Strikeforce: Diaz vs Noons 2 Results - Josh Thomson Edges Out Gesias Cavalcante

Photo by Tracy Lee via <a href="">Cagewriter</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee via Cagewriter

What a great fight that was. For this one, I'm just going to copy and paste my live blog for it.

Melendez on commentary for this one. Both guys moving well. The commission made Thomson take his knee wrap off before the fight started. JZ moving in on Thomson and clinches up against the cage. Thomson acting as if he got poked in the eye. Mauro tells us that the knee brace had a pad on it and that's why Thomson had to take it off. They seperate and Thomson throws a front kick that misses. Thomson ducks under a left cross from JZ. Cavalcante controlling the pace and dictating the fight. Thomson gets tagged and JZ locks on a guillotine. It looks deep but Thomson is surviving. It's an arm-in guillotine but there is still two minutes left in the round. Thomson now throwing punches to the body of JZ. He lets it go and Thomson survivies. Crowd is loving it. Thomson now in JZ's full guard. The Punk is posturing up and throwing shots. JZ looking for a triangle and then transitions to an armbar but can't get either. Now Thomson has an arm triangle with ten seconds left. Time is running out. Cavalcante manages to survive. WOW.

After all that action in round one both guys come out looking fresh for the second frame. JZ still moving forward with Thomson circling. JZ throwing power shots that Thomson is doing well to avoid. Clinched up against the cage now. After a whole lot of clinch work, Thomson gets a takedown and takes JZ's back. He locks one hook in but Cavalcante has got good defense. He's controlling Thomson's arm. Again, Thomson is steadily working for an arm triangle. Cavalcante still playing good defense. Thomson in half guard and putting in work. The round ends with Thomson standing up and throwing big shots on a grounded JZ.

JZ comes out in the third and throws a knee. Despite all the reports from Thomson's camp in the lead up to this fight that he was having trouble getting in shape and it was the worst camp of his life, he looks pretty damn good. Both guys fresh. Cavalcante gets a clinch takedown and ends up in half guard but quickly gets to full mount. Thomson trying hard to hold him down and it's working. Thomson uses his hips to try to escape out but only gets to half guard. The judges have to be looking favorably on JZ in this round and he could take this fight if he stays on top. Thomson working rubber guard and starts posing to the camera. It's not going to help him win. He ends up getting back up. Thomson tries to shoot but gets stuffed and JZ starts landing shots. Back on top is Cavalcante and has Thomson up against the cage. He's just trying to hold him there as long as he can. Just a minute left in the fight and he knows he can win if he gets to the scorecards. Thomson desperately tries to lock on a guillotine but he can't get it. He tries again but JZ again does great defensively. The round comes to a close with Cavalcante reigning down punches and he should take this one. 

I'm not a fan of the decision. I felt like Cavalcante won that fight 29-28 but I'm not totally disappointed in Thomson earning the decision. Even he called out the judges afterward in saying that there was no way he won the fight 30-27 and they need to come up with better standards for the judges. Couldn't agree more. He also called out Melendez and Strikeforce is happy to set up a third fight between the two.

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