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Eddie Gilbert Video of the Day: Eddie and Missy are troublemakers

In spring 1988, Eddie Gilbert and much of his family was on a tear in Memphis.  Eddie was booker and top heel with girlfriend Missy Hyatt as his valet.  His father Tommy and his younger brother Doug were in the midcard, and Missy's niece even showed up on TV at one point.  Maybe some mild bookeritis, especially since Eddie was all over the TV show, but it was all tremendously entertaining.  Meanwhile, the promotion had gotten a major sponsor in Renegade Tobacco, resulting in the Renegade logo on the ring apron and mat, a Renegade's Rampage trivia contest, and the impossible to follow Renegade's Rampage tournament.  One week, Eddie and Missy decided to have some fun during the trivia contest segment, resulting in one of the best Lance Russell reactions of all time.

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