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Random DailyMotion Find of the Moment: Dusty & Dustin Rhodes reunite to fight the Stud Stable (One of the greatest promos in wrestling history)


In 1994, Dustin Rhodes was feuding with Bunkhouse Buck (Jimmy Golden, now Jack Swagger's dad in WWE, who was managed by cousin Robert Fuller as Col. Robert Parker) when Terry Funk joined the heel side, forming a new version of the Stud Stable (the name of the various Fuller-led stables of the past) that also included Meng as Parker's bodyguard.  Needing a tag team partner, Rhodes asked Arn Anderson for help.  Somewhat obviously, Anderson turned on Rhodes.  Rhodes needed a new partner, and his father Dusty stepped up to the plate in the greatest promo ever to grace WCW as well as one of the great promos of his own career.  Think of the ground that covers.  This is the only time I can remember seeing Dusty drop the jive shtick and gimmick voice for a promo.

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