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Quick Review - Hell in a Cell

John Cena is now officially the former.
John Cena is now officially the former.

JLamb already covered an extensive review of the show. I'll just be giving my own litte quick review of the night and everything we got to see. In we go.

  • There have been reports floating around online that fans in the crowd, in particular younger Cena fans, were literally crying at the fact that Cena lost and is being forced to join Nexus. That's money. I already talked about the absurd amount of material they have at their disposal storyline wise and I really hope they come through with something good. If Cena is wearing a Nexus shirt, the previous poor sales of their merchandise should go up and that's just what the group needs to survive. Barrett and Cena easily put on the most entertaining match of the night. Lot of ways to go with this WWE; don't mess it up.
  • How ridiculously stupid was the finish to the Kane-Undertaker match? The urn doubled as a flashlight? Bearer turning on Taker was supposed to be a big shock but he just came back last week. That kind of quick swerve is supposed to go over? Not only was it stupid, it was poorly executed and left fans, both at home and in the arena, extremely confused. I don't want anymore of this feud but it's going to drag out to the bitter end.
  • I'm just going to go ahead and say it now; the Hell in a Cell gimmick is dead. The match no longer holds any meaning. The current PG version of WWE TV just doesn't lend itself to the type of brutal matches that the Cell is designed specifically for. I'm not saying we should expect Mick Foley type bumping off the cage or anything like that but making these guys stay in the cage and have matches with no blood really makes it no different than any other match. Building an entire PPV around the concept might have worked when Foley was bumping like nuts but not now.
  • How odd is it that WWE can run so many PPV's and guys like Big Show, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, Rey Mysterio, MVP and so many others are missing shows like this? They had a meaningless match between Edge and Jack Swagger to fill time and they still ran short. I get it that they wanted to make sure there was plenty of time for the two Hell in a Cell matches but like I said before, those matches weren't worth the time to begin with. Young guys aren't getting over on PPV and that has to change. That starts with actually giving them a spot.
  • The Women's division just needs to go away. There is very little value in it, if any.

Three short weeks and Bragging Rights will be here. That's an eternity to come up with great storylines. I wonder what they will do with all that time?

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