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Cageside Quote - Jim Ross was "concerned with Brock Lesnar's striking defense"

Photo by Tracy Lee via <a href="">Yahoo Sports</a>
Photo by Tracy Lee via Yahoo Sports

From his official blog, which is a must read, over at JRsBarBQ:

Brock Lesnar's loss to Cain Velásquez wasn't a shocker to some MMA aficionados even though those that read our blogs know that I am and always will be a 'Lesnar guy' and wanted the former WWE Champion to continue to win inside the Octagon. I wrote on numerous occasions that I was concerned with Lesnar's striking defense and, unfortunately, that matter manifested itself Saturday night in Anaheim. Nonetheless I predicted a Lesnar victory and I was wrong.

When talking about Brock's stand up, striking defense, I am in no way taking any thing away from Velásquez's performance. Cain's preparation for Brock is a credit to Cain's camp and to the new UFC Heavyweight Champion himself. Their game plan was immaculate and will likely be a road map as to how future Lesnar opponents will attack the powerhouse wrestler. Brock Lesnar will be 'game planned' by future opponents as a monster wrestler who can ground and pound his way to victory over any human being if he can navigate his adversaries to the Octagon canvas.

Ross wasn't the only one who has long been worried about Brock's deficiencies in the stand up. Although he was able to defeat Randy Couture back at UFC 91, he showed he could be beaten by a fighter with more speed and athleticism. Essentially, a guy like Cain Velasquez. Once the Shane Carwin fight happened at UFC 116, it all but confirmed that suspicion when Lesnar was manhandled. Many were sucked into his ability to come back in that fight and no doubt, it showed he has a ton of heart. But it also showed a glaring weakness that Velasquez was able to exploit.

Going forward, it's a safe bet, as Ross says, that fighters will plan to defeat Brock with their hands. What should be noted is how proficient Velasquez proved to be at getting back to his feet once he was taken down. Not every fighter in the heavyweight division will be able to get out from underneath the mammoth that is Brock Lesnar. His double leg is still nothing to scoff at. Any man that thinks he will be able to just go in and do what Cain did, is severly underscoring Brock's abilities.

Ross also touched on the "confrontation" Undertaker had with Lesnar after the fight:

The buzz created by the seemingly impromptu 'confrontation,' and I use that term loosely, after the UFC event between the Undertaker and Lesnar seems to be subsiding. I do not know conclusively what actually occurred in those few seconds but one might ask, were the two, former business associates merely 'fishing' for a response? If so, the response from the WWE fan base, in particular, was significant.

Thankfully, he's right. The story really wasn't ever much of a story to begin with, although it was fun to have a look into it. Part of what makes the world of pro wrestling so fascinating is the line between work and shoot is so often blurred. Almost everything within the business deserves a second look. Upon second look at this situation, it doesn't look like much of anything.

My final theory on the matter is that it was likely just a publicity stunt. WWE was running a PPV the very next night and this altercation served the purpose of getting people talking about them. It's doubtful, at least to me, that this would translate into any added buys for Bragging Rights but when your PPV business is doing as poorly as WWE's is right now, anything is worth trying.

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