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[Spoilers] - TNA creative have concussions on their brain, unsurprisingly reality is the reason why

Whenever there's a weird worked shoot storyline in wrestling that comes completely out of the blue, usually there's a real news story behind it.  So when I read the spoilers for Monday's Impact tapings, which revealed that TNA's creative team and management had concussions on their brain (more details of the storyline and the reasons behind it after the jump), I wondered why.  My first thought was that with the news from the October 25th 2010 Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Desmond Wolfe was healthy enough to do stand-up comedy and return to action soon from his mysterious absence, rumoured to be concussion related, that maybe it was time for a concussion storyline to put over how well the company handled what in reality remains a shady affair.  Turns out I was close but no cigar.

Yes, as Dave Meltzer reveals in today's news update, Mr. Anderson had a concussion in their storylines because he has one in reality:

--The main event for the 11/7 Turning Point PPV has been changed from Jeff Hardy  vs. Mr. Anderson for the TNA title to Hardy vs. Matt Morgan due to Anderson suffering from the after effects of a concussion from the chair shot that aired on last Thursday's TV show where he was accidentally nailed hard in the back of the head.

TNA still has video footage of Jeff Hardy's reckless chair shot that busted open Anderson's head hardway on their YouTube channel and can be seen halfway through the embedded video below:

Full details of the show long concussion storyline can be found in the members only Impact spoilers on the Observer website.  Basically, callous heel wrestling executive Eric Bischoff wanted Anderson to wrestle Jeff Jarrett in a chain match on Impact with his concussion, but Matt Morgan, in an emergency babyface turn, wouldn't let it happen and took his place in the match.  Of course, Morgan, who needed all the help he could get with such an impromptu turn, lost the match and was beaten down by the rest of Fortune when he teased a post match comeback, hence meaning that he goes into his Turning Point TNA title match with no momentum whatsoever.  The punchline to this bizarre show long storyline was David Sahadi saying to Bischoff about "how Dixie Carter has pledged to protect the health of the wrestlers and that this is a bad idea".  Yeah right, if Dixie Carter was so concerned about the health and wellbeing of her performers, then she would ban the reckless chair shots that caused this concussion, implement random drug testing with penalties that at least match WWE's Wellness program, and have the company pay for any surgery her wrestlers require as soon as they need it.

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