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Jim Ross Chimes in on Brock Lesnar and Undertaker

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This whole thing has grown to proportions even the WWE probably didn't think possible. We don't know what the "confrontation" between Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker was all about and it's possible we never will. That said, I think I'll let Jim Ross close the book on this story, via his blog:

The post fight interview the Undertaker did wasn't even scheduled beforehand as I understand it. The same reporter interviewed me at the last Lesnar fight and that one, along with interviews he did with Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg, were not scheduled in advance either. I have a hard time believing that the much talked about 'confrontation' for the lack of a better term, and there has to be one, between 'Taker and Brock was staged. Perhaps I'm naive but that's what I think at this time.  

Cutting to the chase, I certainly don't foresee a Wrestlemania 27 match between Lesnar and Undertaker in Atlanta's Georgia Dome even though the speculation on this matter is running rampant. First of all, Brock has moved on to UFC, a legit sport, and, even though he lost the UFC Heavyweight Title to a very talented, young man in Cain Velásquez Saturday night, Lesnar has many lucrative years remaining in his UFC career that he would be foolish to not pursue. WWE, an entertainment entity, could offer Lesnar massive money for a one time return to the marquis event of the year, BTW Lesnar isn't going back on the road with any regularity for any amount of money, but there is one, small detail that many have neglected to consider. 

Brock Lesnar is contractually obligated to UFC and there is no way in hell that UFC officials are ever....ever going to allow Lesnar to return to the WWE world while Brock is still under. So the 'Oliver Stone's' with their conspiracy theories will likely surmise that perhaps Brock has a 'loop hole' in his contract that would allow him to return to WWE, pick up a huge payday and then be back home in Minnesota before breakfast the morning after Wrestlemania in Atlanta. I'm not a lawyer and have never played one on TV but Lesnar vs Undertaker seems like wishful thinking. 

The next theory that will be explored will likely be that Lesnar could be the 'special, guest referee,' for the Undertaker's bout at the Georgia Dome with whoever it may be against. More wishful thinking.

Again, I would be shocked if UFC would allow one of their biggest stars to cross back over into sports-entertainment while said star is active and relevant..and in Brock's case, very relevant. Imagine the confusion in the market place that month on PPV. I'll agree that a potential Undertaker-Lesnar, one on one match at WM27 is intriguing. It would be a 'must see' PPV and would garner lots of media coverage and would likely do 1M plus PPV buys. Too bad it likely can't happen.

That's pretty much the definitive takedown on this entire subject. There was a bit of backlash on this site for covering this story and I can tell you that, at least for me, this is likely the last article you'll see on the subject. Whether or not the whole thing was a work or a shoot essentially doesn't matter. Nothing is going to come out of it. It's a fun little thing to look into, fascinating at the very least, but ultimately holds no bearing on either the WWE or the UFC.

Dana White would never allow his prized possession to participate in the main event of a pro wrestling promotion that acts as a rival to his company. Some may dispute that but there is no denying the connection as well as the tactics employed by both companies. I doubt that Lesnar would even want to go back to WWE, for any reason, let alone main event the biggest PPV of the year. As a few have pointed out in the comments in other posts here on Cageside, this situation could very well be Undertaker just being a mark for himself.

As I said, we won't know for quite some time what this whole thing was actually about. The fact is, it doesn't matter, at least not right now. It could have just been a publicity stunt for Bragging Rights the following night. We'll see how well it worked when the buyrate comes out.

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