I don't know Cain Velásquez but I have great respect for his body of work, athleticism, and work...


I don't know Cain Velásquez but I have great respect for his body of work, athleticism, and work ethic. Velásquez is seemingly fighting for an admirable cause that some consider even greater than winning the coveted UFC heavyweight Title and the financial rewards that accompany such. Becoming the first Hispanic, UFC Heavyweight Champion is an admirable goal and with that comes a great deal of pressure. For my money, simply stepping into the Octagon against Lesnar with the express purpose of attempting to take away the magnificent athlete's livelihood should be pressure enough. Even though I do not personally know Cain Velásquez, I do know Brock Lesnar...very well. In over four decades of being around world class athletes in a variety of arenas, I have never encountered an athlete quite like Brock Lesnar. Unless one is privileged enough to be around Lesnar on a somewhat regular basis as I was when he was in WWE, one cannot appreciate how freakishly quick, sudden may actually be a better description, and explosive this God gifted athlete truly is. Now that Brock's health is good, and who knows how many fights Brock actually had when he wasn't healthy and didn't even know it, and his 'walking around weight' is 265, the UFC heavyweight limit, my instincts say that we haven't even come close to seeing the best of Lesnar as of yet. The biggest thing that Brock has going for him though isn't his physical make up, his brute strength, the refined, amateur wrestling skills, or even his ability to weather seemingly insurmountable storms such as he did against Shane Carwin their memorable first round. Brock Lesnar's greatest gifts are his mental approach to competing. No matter if it was in OVW in Louisville where Brock went to learn the art form of pro wrestling, grinding it out in a wrestling room in his amateur days, or having the drive to be the best WWE entertainer LONG before he should have been, Brock Lesnar pushes himself harder than any other man or entity ever could. Plus, Lesnar is a hunter. He loves to track and harvest big game. Hunting and the strategy of a hunt seems to be in the South Dakota country boy's DNA. Saturday night Brock Lesnar goes hunting and his 'prey' is a formidable animal. Lesnar's heart and will to win will hopefully allow the vaunted, UFC Champion to reap a successful harvest in a physical war that will take an enormous toll on both hunter and the hunted. Great hunters are strategists who have no issues closing the deal with their prey finds itself in the hunter's cross hairs. Good luck Brock on Saturday night. I'm pulling for you.

Good Ol' J.R. on his blog says he is pulling for Brock Lesnar tomorrow night.