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The Nexus on WWE Superstars Along With a John Cena Video Package

I probably sound like a big mark here but I've become a huge fan of Wade Barrett's skills on the microphone. He's improving every time he goes out and it's nice to see a young wrestler grow into a superstar. There's no way he wins the title this Sunday at Bragging Rights but hopefully Randy Orton sees fit to make him look good and put him over as a legitimate threat to the championship.

The other thing I want to make sure to say about this video is something I've said a few times before. The WWE production team is insanely good at what they do. They have plenty to work with, sure, but no one does it better than they do in any medium. After watching TNA's Reaction show tonight, it's clear that WWE would be smart to think about doing something similar. If TNA can make it look as good as they do, imagine what we would get with the WWE production team.

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