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Cageside Quote - The Miz Says He "Hates All His Promos"

Would you accept him as the WWE Champion?
Would you accept him as the WWE Champion?

From an interview with the Appleton Post Crescent:

"It’s funny; people always say, "You were really good at promos." I wasn’t always good at promos. I think "The Real World" and basically doing all the motivational speeches that I’ve done to colleges before I was in the WWE really helped me get comfortable with a crowd. And now it’s just like second nature. As far as my promo, which I think is the best one I’ve ever cut, I hate all my promos. They all suck to be honest with you, That’s just me. I’m a perfectionist, though, and if the promo isn’t perfect and how I wanted it to go, then it literally isn’t good enough for me. … I always want them to be better no matter what."

Most artists I know are perfectionists, so it makes sense that he would be hard on himself. But make no mistake about it, right now Miz is top 3 in the WWE on the mic. Every week I watch RAW, he's the guy I can't wait to hear talk. Later in the interview he goes on to say that he might be cashing in his Money in the Bank contract at Bragging Rights this Sunday. He just has to do so when "Randy Orton is half dead".

I know I'm not alone in saying this but it's high time to give Miz an extended program at the top. There's been talk that he will be the first guy to attempt to cash in the contract and fail and I strongly disagree with that idea, if in fact it's something that might actually come to fruition. I'd like to see him holding the title within the next year. WWE has been notorious for backing out of pushing younger guys. I hope they make the right decision regarding Miz.

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