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WWE Hell in a Cell - Live Updates and Open Thread

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After being on PPV just two weeks ago with Night of Champions, WWE is back tomorrow night with Hell in a Cell. Remember to tune in at 8:00PM ET and/or make your way right here to Cageside Seats for our live blog and updates, not to mention an open thread to discuss the night's festivities. We'll talk about the show as it's happening and give our thoughts and analysis both in the updates and in the comments. Please join us. The card as of now looks like this, according to

WWE Champion Randy Orton defeats Sheamus to retain the WWE Title in a Hell in a Cell match
World Heavyweight Champion Kane defeats Undertaker to retain the World Heavyweight Title in a Hell in a Cell match
Wade Barrett defeats John Cena. He now has to join Nexus.
U.S. Champion Daniel Bryan defeats The Miz and John Morrison to retain the U.S. Title in a Submissions Count Anywhere match
Unified Divas Champion Michelle McCool retains the Divas Title after being Disqualified
Edge defeats Jack Swagger in a singles match

  • Sorry for being late guys. We're already underway with the U.S. Championship Match. Morrison and Miz currently brawling in the crowd. 
  • Watching this makes me wish it was a singles match. They're doing well with the third man in there but....why is Morrison in there again?
  • Love high spots that require the two guys fifteen feet below to catch the guy diving. Looks good and not all that dangerous.
  • Bryan gets the LeBell Lock on the ramp on Miz and it's not long before he taps. Bryan retains the title. There was some interference by Alex Riley to get Morrison out of the way to lead to the finish. Cole putting Bryan over after the match.
  • Promo time for the upcoming Sheamus-Orton match for the WWE title. Noticed within it that Cole said Orton is a 7 time champion. The title switches hands entirely too often these days.
  • Not a lot of heat for Sheamus on his entrance but Orton got himself a pretty nice pop. I'm guessing this one is going on early so they can let it have it's proper amount of time. We'll see.
  • Really slow pace to start. After about 8 minutes they start to make their way out and incorporate the cage into the match. Orton hit a spot using the steps on Sheamus that looked good but still a slower match that isn't seeing a lot of action.
  • I don't want to sound like I'm bloodthirsty or anything like that but this just won't feel right if no one blades tonight. Some good psychology going now with Sheamus working the ribs of Orton and Randy selling it despite a few comebacks.
  • Forget about good psychology. Orton did his normal slam his hands on the mat set up for the RKO and acted like he was totally okay. That's a big mark against this match. Sheamus reversed of course.
  • Orton out of nowhere hits an RKO but Sheamus rolls out of the ring. That was great. Orton went out pissed off and looked for the big boot to the head but Sheamus avoided. Right after he hit the Celtic Kick and rolled him into the ring. Tried for the pin but Orton kicked out. Getting better.
  • Sheamus teases a piledriver on the steps but gets reversed. Not long after Orton once again hits the RKO out of nowhere except this time on the steel steps and gets the clean pinfall win to retain the WWE Championship. That was not even close to being worthy of a Hell in a Cell match. It just further diluted how special it's supposed to be.
  • For the benefit of those with flash photography, Orton climbs the cage and is celebrating with his title. I guess they didn't go long enough and they are trying to kill some time. It's horrible watching Orton smile like a big goof while holding the belt. Not consistent with his character.
  • Bragging Rights trailer might be a spoiler. Or not. Weak promo with Nexus leads into an appearance by Alberto Del Rio.
  • Del Rio promo cut off by Edge. Are we looking at a feud between these two? Edge says he's out there because he's in a fight against stupidity. I like that.
  • Swagger comes out and starts working on Edge. Holy shit. Another e-mail from the mystery GM. Cole makes note of the computer being upgraded. This is really stupid. Cole reads that Edge needs to apologize tomorrow night on RAW and that he'll have a match right now with Swagger.
  • This is just a horrible match. I'm not impressed with anything I've seen between these two and it's running way too long. The crowd is absolutely dead right now. Not a good sign for the rest of the card.
  • Edge comes off the ropes with a spear and gets the victory. Lame.
  • They tease a smoz finish with the Nexus guys in the back with Otunga leading the way. Barrett vs Cena coming up next.
  • The crowd really doesn't care about the heels tonight. Barrett came out to crickets and Cena got a big pop when his music hit. Time to see how they screw us out of what we want.
  • Horribly slow match. Nexus comes out and Barrett is yelling at them not to interfere.
  • Barrett is getting all the offense in with Nexus on the outside. The wrestling tonight has been garbage.
  • Cena hits the five moves of doom as Nexus surrounds the ring. Suddenly the whole WWE locker room comes out and attacks the Nexus members on the outside. They take them all out as Cena smiles in the ring. It's now back to Barrett vs Cena alone in the ring.
  • Barrett hits Wasteland and gets a near fall and a big tease for the crowd. They're starting to come alive. Still a slow match but it's not looking like we're going to get a smoz finish.
  • HOLY SHIT. Someone came in from the crowd and looked like a crazed fan that security swarmed. The ref also jumped on him and Cena let go of the STF that he had locked in. Another guy came out from the crowd out of nowhere and blasted Cena. Barrett then covered him and got the pinfall win. Nexus comes out to celebrate. That was awesome.
  • Cena is in the ring looking devastated. The crowd looks shocked. Long pause of Cena just standing in there mixed in with crowd shots of fans covering their mouths in disbelief. He finally walks to the back. The announcers are really playing this up by talking in hushed tones. Greatness.
  • The comments section is full of speculation that the two guys that interfered were members of Nexus season 2. Possibly McGillicutty and Husky Harris. I can't say for sure because even with the replays I didn't get a good look. We'll find out tomorrow night.
  • You know what figures? The Divas title match is coming on during halftime of the Bears game. Of course. Take your breaks now ladies and sirs.
  • McCool wins. No one cares. Time for Kane and Taker.
  • Uh-oh. They start the match outside of the cage. We'll see if these two can have a better match than Orton and Sheamus before them.
  • Sorry for the lack of updates for the main event. It was another Hell in a Cell that wasn't worthy of it. In the end, Bearer turned on Undertaker and gave the urn to Kane which Kane used to hit Taker with leading to the clean pinfall win. Kane retains his title. Horrible match and ending to what ended up being a poor show. At least Cena lost.

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