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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Monday Night Raw 10.18.2010

Goldust delivers the Final Cut to Zack Ryder. (Photo via <a href=""></a>)
Goldust delivers the Final Cut to Zack Ryder. (Photo via

- Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre defeated The Hart Dynasty
- Goldust defeated Zack Ryder
- Randy Orton and John Cena beat Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty
- Natalya defeated Alicia Fox
- Team Smackdown won an interpromotional battle royal. Edge and Big Show were the survivors

The Good

  • Theodore Long, Playa - Disconnecting Cole's Mac was the best thing he has done in years. Probably the only redeeming thing about the opening segment. 

More of my thoughts on the show after the jump.

  • Cody Rhodes/Drew McIntyre vs. The Hart Dynasty - I was kind of conflicted at the conclusion of the match. I find the WWE's insistence of breaking up tag teams just as they start to hit their stride particularly annoying so I was less than enthused about the ending of the match. At first I thought Kidd botched the timing of the Hart Attack but then DH went to lock in the Sharpshooter and ultimately got caught by McIntyre's Future Shock DDT. The actual wrestling was pretty okay but the crowd's hotness for The Hart Dynasty put it over the top. I wonder who gets to keep Natalya after the breakup is complete? My money is on Kidd.
  • Cena is Nexus - Even though I was a little disappointed with the Orton/Cena vs. Husky Harris/Michael McGillicutty bout the post match festivities more than made up for it. Cena looks to be continuing his heel turn by proxy as he once again chose his job with the WWE over doing what was right and saving Orton from the savage~! (/Cole'd) beatdown at the hands of the rest of The Nexus. If I were writing the segment I probably would've had Barrett force Cena into locking Orton into the STF after giving him The Wasteland but that's only a minor detail. Great segment to open the second hour of Raw.
  • Daniel Bryan - I know that there are a lot of people on the interwebs who don't like the way that Daniel Bryan has portrayed himself during his time in the WWE. They don't like his goofy, nerdy persona but I have to say that it is what sets him apart. In a company full of jocks he is the quirky outsider. Watching him dance with the Divas reminded me of his comedy work during his ROH run. Good stuff all around. While I'm not a fan of matches being made the week of a pay-per-view I must confess that Bryan/Ziggler has the potential to be very, very good.

The Bad

  • "Let's give it up for Team Smackdown!" - I have to be totally honest and say that I was really, really disappointed with the opening segment. I can imagine the writers realizing that the "big" Bragging Rights pay-per-view in Sunday night and they needed to get the fans pumped up any way they can. Team Smackdown's odd assortment of heels and faces had a pull apart brawl with Raw's odd assortment of heels and faces and eventually Big Show challenged Miz to a captain versus captain match. Hey, Ezekial Jackson is back! Hey, CM Punk has blonde highlights! Hey, Alberto Del Rio looks like he is stuffing his trunks! Hey, this segment sucked!
  • Goldust vs. Zack Ryder - I can't believe that we were treated to a Goldust squash match - in 2010 no less. For months now The Gold One has been plying his trade on Superstars and showing the world that he can still work a hell of a match. It would be great if, you know, he was actually able to showcase his skills on the A show but I suppose baby steps are better than no steps at all. I like how Aksana has slid right into the spot that Marlena used to occupy minus the giant cigar (NO PHALLIC SYMBOLS ON WWEPG!) but I am having a hard time deciding which one of his valets is attractive.
  • Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown Battle Royal - Ugh. That was their way of selling Bragging Rights. I hope my friend Justin will have the show on his TV because I don't see myself paying for this event. Yikes.

The Ugly

  • Natalya vs. The Beautiful Peop, er, I mean Laycool, pt. eleventy million - Awful. Remember when Alicia Fox was the Women's Champion and actually had decent (by today's women's wrestling standards) matches? Now she is getting jobbed big time. I'm also kind of over Laycool. I turn the sound down when the come on screen and ogle Layla. I'm sure their dialogue is captivating.
  • Stand Up for WWE - I love me some propaganda. Read Bix's post about the's enlightening.

And the WWE continues its streak of awful go-home shows leading up to their pay-per-views. A very blah episode of Monday Night Raw.

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