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Paul Heyman's Next Promo for EA Sports MMA Featuring Fabricio Werdum

The first promo Heyman did with Nick Diaz was pretty good. Nothing special but it held some promise for what was to come. Then he hit us with the Frank Shamrock spot and I blasted it for being so horrific. I don't think they could have failed harder with that second video. I made sure to say that they better knock it out of the park with the next three and first up is the Fabricio Werdum promo. He's one for one. This promo is brilliant. It's simple but it's the exact right way to go about promoting Werdum. Cutting game footage in and out with Werdum sitting there at the HP, reliving that historic night, was great. His delivery of his lines was spot on and actually makes me want to play the game. They hit a home run with this one. Two more to go.

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