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TNA Bound for Glory Results and Thoughts

Move along. Really, there's nothing to see here.
Move along. Really, there's nothing to see here.

Some quick results from the PPV via TNA's website:

- Tag Team Title: MCMG def. Generation Me
- Knockouts Title: Tara becomes the new champion
- Ink Inc def. Eric Young and Orlando Jordan
- X Divison Title: Jay Lethal def. Douglas Williams
- Monster's Ball: Rob Van Dam def. Abyss
- Handicap Match: Sting, Kevin Nash & The Pope def. Samoa Joe & Jeff Jarrett
- Team 3D announced they are retiring as a tag team
- Lethal Lockdown: EV2 def. Fortune
- Main Event: Jeff Hardy def. Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson to become the NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion! THEY were Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy, Eric Bischoff, Abyss and Jeff Jarrett!!!!

The show was the typical TNA affair with convoluted twists to the storylines currently running and no heat for anyone. Some more complete notes on the show. 

  • The opener was a good match that saw the Motor City Machine Guns retain their titles. It's typical to start the night with talent that can put on a good show to get the crowd into the event and this was the perfect match to do that. MCMG's got a great reaction from the crowd throughout the match and their retaining of the titles was the right thing to do.
  • The Knockout's title match was a bit of a clusterf-ck but relatively harmless and didn't take up too much time. They teased dissent between Tara and Madison Rayne after the match. Sky forced Tara into Rayne to knock her to the outside and then got a reverse roll up for the title. It was probably the worst roll up pin I've ever seen in all my years of watching wrestling. Rayne then pushed Mickie James out of the way to yell at Tara and Mickie clocked her before blowing a kiss at Tara. Came away from the whole thing feeling just....meh.
  • The Eric Young-Orlando Jordan storyline is stupid. I'm not even remotely entertained when they are on my TV and Ink Inc is so hard to look at that I just want to change the channel. Memo to TNA: that's not what you want to make your customers feel like doing. You would think they would know that. They don't. 
  • Jay Lethal is money but his match with Douglas Williams was garbage. They sent him into the crowd after winning and he was attacked by Robbie E and Cookie from the Shore. Robbie then cut a promo on Lethal in the ring about how he is a disgrace to New Jersey and the Shore was going to bring the X Division title back and give it some class. This heel team could work for a short time but I can't see this lasting much further than maybe two months. TNA is reportedly bringing Jwoww in from the actual Jersey Shore show next week, so we'll see what happens with that. I'm not exactly excited about it.
  • Abyss is a character that I can't stand seeing every week. From his ridiculous look to his hideous growl of a voice to his proclivity for breathing hard into the mic when he cuts his promos, I just can't stand watching him. RVD carried him to a decent match although he wrestled with a shirt on the whole time. After the match they did a close up on Abyss and he was still spewing his 10-10-10 garbage, saying "get ready, here we come".

More results and thoughts on the event after the jump.

  • Sting, like RVD, wrestled with his shirt on. No clue what that was about. This was a hideous match. The Pope is okay and Sting isn't necessarily done yet but I hope Nash really is retiring like he continues to claim. He's never been a great wrestler. Now? He isn't bringing anything to the table. Samoa Joe cleaned up all three and went for the hot tag to Jarrett, who never even got into the ring in this match, but Jarrett avoided the tag and jumped off the apron before slowly walking to the back. Joe tried to fight off all three guys but of course to no avail and Nash hit the powerbomb for the pin. The whole thing was lame.
  • Team 3D shows back up after being gone for quite a while and the crowd acted like they couldn't care less. They announced their retirement as a tag team. They said they want one more match though with the best tag team in the world. They put over the Motor City Machine Guns, calling them the best in the world because they are the TNA tag team champs and if they are going to do one last match then it has to be with them. The crowd gave them an ovation but they had to goad them into it. Should have been a bigger deal but it just didn't come across well. These things should be organic and this felt forced.
  • The Fortune interview before the Lethal Lockdown match felt like the old Survivor Series team interviews before each match. Each guy got a turn on the mic while everybody tried to squeeze themselves into the shot. I kind of liked it, for nostalgia if nothing else. As for the match itself, no thanks. The concept is all well and good but the execution wasn't. They tried to create a few high spots that just didn't go over and it never really built towards a definitive ending. The whole match was just a lot of random brawling with Dreamer hitting a Death Valley Driver from the top rope to get the pin and EV2 the victory. TNA's website called it a "chaotic" match. I guess they think that's a good thing.
  • And finally the main event of the evening. We still hadn't seen a resolution to this "They" storyline with Abyss up to this point so there was sure to be something other than a clean finish and sure enough that's what happened. It was yet another great match from 3 incredibly talented workers. It's amazing that Kurt Angle is still able to put on matches like this. Towards the end he hit a moonsault on Hardy that got a two count and Hardy rolled out of the ring after kicking out. A spot with a ref bump followed shortly after to lead to the finish. Angle hit three straight belly to back suplexes to put both he and Anderson down. Eric Bischoff then came walking out with a chair. He got in the ring like he was going to hit Angle and Hulk Hogan's music hit to a big reaction from the crowd. He came rolling out on crutches and shaking his head. He got in Bischoffs face and started poking at him with one of the crutches, which Bischoff promptly took from him. They both started threatening each other with a crutch when Jeff Hardy came back into the ring. Hogan gave his crutch to Hardy and he and Bischoff then teased hitting each other. Just as this was happening, Angle was starting to stand up and then the big swerve. Hardy turned and broke the crutch over Angle's back. Hogan looked out to the crowd with a smile and Bischoff gave his crutch to Hardy which he then broke over Anderson's back. A Twist of Fate on Anderson and Hardy gets the pin to become the new TNA Heavyweight champion of the world. The fans did like they used to at WCW shows and started tossing a bunch of garbage in the ring. Jarrett and Abyss came down to complete the totally anti-climatic and poorly handled "They" storyline. As the five were celebrating in the ring, RVD came running down to ask Hardy why he was doing it and Hardy knocked him out with the belt. That's how the show came to a close.

I'm not sure I totally understand the logic of taking your top babyface, in fact, the only guy on the roster that is even remotely over as a babyface, and turning him heel without a true build up to it. You can definitely tell who's writing these shows. If I had to grade this event it would get a D. I counted just two good matches on the whole card but the true testament to a good PPV is how much it makes you want to watch the following week's TV show. And you know what? It wouldn't break my heart if I missed it. That says it all.

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