Middle Easy Sunday Morning Rumor Mill


It's been reported on other major MMA sites by reputable sources, so this isn't exclusive to Middle Easy but this is what was in the SMRM regarding the alleged altercation between Nick Diaz and Mayhem Miller after the main event of last night. "After the Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Noons II card, Nick Diaz was walking in the hallway of the HP Pavilion to attend the post-fight press conference. Simultaneously, the guys at Showtime was ushering Mayhem Miller out of the post-fight press conference in order to prevent another Strikeforce: Tennessee. From what I was told, Mayhem was supposed to exit out of the post-fight press conference doors and take a right, while Nick Diaz was going to enter the room in the opposite direction. In short, both fighters would have never crossed paths if this initial plan actually worked, however things sort of 'screwed up'. As Mayhem Miller was walking down the corridor, he abruptly turned around and walked the other way. As the two were approaching each other, things seemed to be somewhat civil. Out of nowhere, Nick Diaz launched a water bottle directly at Mayhem's face -- almost at point-blank range. It hit Mayhem directly in the face, water exploded everywhere and Miller looked stunned. Security got in-between the two and Nick Diaz held his arms up and said 'Come on you fat [expletive]!'. He then tried shoving the security away to get close to Mayhem while screaming 'Let's do it right now!'. Nick Diaz managed to get within swinging distance, and then more security jumped in and held back Nick and finally got him to walk in the opposite direction, towards the post-fight press conference room. This altercation happened outside of the locker rooms. This is not a rumor, it's 100% true." It's high time for Coker to do the right thing and put this fight together, which he says he is "open" to doing.