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The Top 5 Pro Wrestling Belt Designs

Back with another top 5 list. With all the talk going around of the WWE unifying all of their titles, I thought a list of the top 5 belt designs would be fitting. There have been some beauties and some horrific disappointments. As usual, feel free to call me an idiot for my list. You would probably be right to do so.


5. The Smoking Skull - I always thought the sheriff badges as the outside plates were kind of lame but it fit in with Stone Cold's character. The belt was created solely for the Rattlesnake and I wish it would have stuck around longer. I actually have a running bet with Chad Dukes that if the Redskins have a better record than the Bears at the end of the year, I'll get him one of these. So far so good. 


4. Attitude Era Title - Introduced to Stone Cold after he defeated Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 14, I was always upset that they discontinued it's usage after such a short period of time. I understood why they did it, unifying the titles, but it didn't last long and it eventually became the Spinner belt, which is the worst design in the history of titles in any wrestling or boxing or fight promotion, ever. This belt will always remind me of a great time in pro wrestling history. 

The rest of the top 5 in the extended entry.


3. The Hardcore Title - You can say what you want about it, but this whole idea was genius. Maybe I'm giving it such a high ranking based on the premise behind the title and the way the "division" was booked. In fact, I definitely am. How could you not like it? Presented to Mankind by Vince McMahon, the Hardcore title carried the rules that it would be defended anywhere and at any and all times. They were pretty damn creative with it. The fact that it's the winged eagle belt with hardcore written on it makes it all the better.


2. The Big Gold Belt - I'm surprised at how many people don't like this title. It carries one hell of a history and I've always liked the way it looked. This belt always makes me think of Ric Flair and to a lesser extent, Triple H, due to his love affair with it from 2003 up to 2005. Of course, that's a modified version of this title but it's pretty much the same. Some like to complain that it's too big but I think it's just right. Simple but beautiful.


1. White Leather Intercontinental Title - There is nothing overly special about the actual design but it's just a thing of beauty to look at. Seeing it now makes me miss the old WWF logo. I can't really say why, I'm just a mark for the white leather. It's different and they could really separate the IC belt of today by switching back to this design. How could that not sell? This belt was worn by Warrior and for a time Shawn Michaels. It used to be known as the workhorse title because the guys wearing this strap were putting on the great matches while the main eventers were mainly doing the kick-punch-clothesline routine. It would be nice if they brought it back. Alas, I'm sure it's not meant to be.

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