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Jeff Hardy debuts on TNA special, brawls with Homicide


After an Asylum cage match with the X Division wrestlers went to a no contest when Homicide used a weapon on his opponents (yes, in a cage match), alleged opium dealer Jeff Hardy entered the Nickelodeon Guts Arena through the crowd, and brawled with Homicide before hitting him with an unprotected chairshot (disregard the earlier post about the Jesse Neal thing) and the Twist of Fate (does WWE own the trademark on that name?).  He climbed to the top of the cage and then greeted Shannon Moore backstage after the break.

As far as the match itself, the bright red cage looked abysmal on TV, burning many viewers' retinas, distorting the action, and looking like a toy.  There was one good moment (a Dragon Rana by The Amazing Red with a great camera angle) but otherwise it wasn't much.  Crowd hated the finish, loudly chanting "This is bullshit!" (with the offending word muted on TV).  Homicide looked far too close to death when trying (and failing) to climb out of the cage before falling to the mat.

Also: Bubba the Love Sponge is now an interviewer of some sort and Kevin Nash just promised that Hogan "is not alone."

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