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So, what's been announced so far for Monday's TNA IMPACT?


So far, the following have been officially announced by TNA:

  • Hulk Hogan will debut
  • Tara will take on ODB for the TNA Knockouts Title
  • Sarita & Taylor Wilde .vs. Awesome Kong & Hamada for the TNA Knockouts Tag Titles
  • During the UFC prelim special, it was announced that there would be a Steel Asylum match for the X Division Title, but no competitors have been revealed.

On the speculation front, Angelica Love is believed to be returning to the company on Monday night, having fixed her work visa problems that have kept her from wrestling in the US for the past few months. Also, a rumor was going around that Rob Van Dam would be a major surprise, but there has been absolutely zero confirmation of this, and you would think that they would actually advertise that to bring in more viewers.