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Chris Jericho and Gregory Helms/The Hurricane arrested for public intoxication; Helms accused of attacking Jericho and 2 others


TMZ is reporting that on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, Chris Jericho and Gregory Helms were arrested for public intoxication in one of Cincinatti's Kentucky suburbs.

Cops say they responded to the gas station in Crescent Springs after receiving a complaint about two men fighting in a cab.

When cops arrived to the scene, they located Jericho and Helms, who were "manifestly under the influence of an alcoholic beverage." Both men were then arrested -- but cops say the wrestlers were cooperative with police.

They were each released on $120 bond.

TMZ got more details later on, which accused Helms of assault.

Cops say they spoke to several members of the group who told them Helms struck three people -- including Jericho, a man named Gary Kelley and a female passenger named Ashley Storer.

Witnesses told cops Helms ran from the scene right after the violent incident but returned to the gas station soon after, where he -- along with Jericho -- was arrested for being drunk in public.

Cops say Helms was not arrested for the alleged attack because the alleged victims have not pressed charges -- a requirement for an arrest in Kentucky if the police do not witness the attack.

Ashley told cops she did not want to file charges against Helms -- but Kelley told police he's mulling it over and may go after the wrestler.

Well, at least they didn't break WWE's new rule about not tweeting late/while drunk.

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