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Brock Lesnar still hilariously wrong about Canadian health care, thinks he isn't stupid


Whether you want any kind of expanded public health insurance or not, Brock Lesnar is still way off the mark factually speaking.

The latest comes from a Paul Heyman blog post about a phone call he got from a raging Lesnar.  Let's see what the guy who hates gays but likes to kiss muscular men for no apparent reason has to say:

I'm not going to shut up about this.  I'm an American. I'm guaranteed the right to express my opinion.

Yes, it does.  Free speech also allows us to call you stupid and factually wrong.  Free speech doesn't mean that when you say something, people just have to shut up and take it.

And I'm stating it loud and clear, because I experienced something that I want to talk about. If I was a recovering drug addict, people would want to hear my story.

Says the man who was once arrested for receiving and opening a package that contained "a large amount of steroids" while assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling by WWE.

Well, I survived something, and I went through --first hand--  the problems in the health care system, and I want to talk about it.

As mentioned before, that depends on what you mean by "the health care system."

I entered the hospital around 4am on a Saturday morning, and I spent two nights there. No one talks about that. Their CT machine was broken, and they were waiting for a replacement. They could not take a picture of my stomach. If they would have had the ability to take the picture, they would have seen I had holes inside me. If I stayed at that Canadian hospital, at best I would have been retired and would have to wear a colostomy bag. At worst, I could have died.

They didn't have any state-of-the-art equipment, and I was in their facility.  So first thing that Monday morning, when the doctors came in, and they still didn't have a way to take a picture of my stomach ...still didn't have a way to operate that CT machine ... my wife and I knew we had to get out of there.


I've paid plenty of taxes in Canada.  So I have a right to talk about this. This is what happens with socialized medical care. I've paid into the system, and the system did not take care of me. It almost put me out for good. I think people should know about this.  Hey, I love Canada. I've said that.  I wasn't backing away from any controversy or being diplomatic when I said it. I love the hunting ... I love the people ... but what I experienced almost ended my career because the doctors were working under conditions where they were waiting on a machine part. At the Med One Center in Bismarck, I was diagnosed, and put on an I.V. for 11 days. I didn't eat for 11 days. They fed me intra-veinously.

As far as anyone can tell, you are not a Canadian citizen, so you're not a recipient of government health insurance, which is where their "socialized medicine" ends.  It's not like the NHS in Great Britain, where the doctors work for the government which runs the hospitals.  Property taxes don't make you a citizen.  Even if you were a citizen, that wouldn't matter, because public Canada's health care is just health insurance.  It has nothing to do with any issues that hospital had.  The hospital was not part of any system of "socialized medicine," they just get paid by one, just like American hospitals do when paid by Medicaid, Medicare, TRICARE (ask Bobby Lashley about that one, it's rated as being as good as any plan in the US, and it's from the governement!), and other government programs.

This (health care) issue isn't going away, and I'm not, either.


I'm not some dumb meathead fighter.


I have something to say.  I still have my career today because of the United States Health Care System. Does it need some fixing? Absolutely.

All true.

Also: You're a rich white dude.  That helps.

But the changes I'm hearing about don't sit well with me,

You haven't explained why, and if it's based on your Canadian experience, then your fears are unwarranted.

and I'm exercising my rights by speaking my mind.

True, which means I can, too.

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