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Brock Lesnar: Internet troll or just uninformed?


It's worth noting something that's being overlooked about Brock Lesnar's socialism/Canadian health care/whatever comments:

Canada is not Great Britain.  The doctors aren't working for the government and the hospitals aren't being run by the government.  The government is providing health insurance benefits for citizens.  As an American paying out of pocket for care in Canada, Brock Lesnar would have no involvement with any government program.  The most aggressive plans for health reform in the US were along the lines of what Canada has, with a British style program never entering the equation.  Lesnar is either grossly misinformed or using strawman arguments like someone trolling the comment section of a Huffington Post article.  Given his past sociopolitical comments, I would guess that it's the former without ruling out the possibility of the latter, depending on how you factor in the incident pictured above.  Why don't we check out the video of that romantic moment after the jump for further evaluation...

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