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Brandon, Manitoba regional health authority CEO fights back against Brock Lesnar

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The Globe and Mail has an interesting story addressing Brock Lesnar's claims about his treatment when he was first hospitalized for his diverticulitis in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.  As one might expect, Carmel Olson (the CEO of the region health authority) was unhappy:

I take real exception to being referred to as a third-world country operation.


The attending physician was very qualified and very respected.  He's been in the business for more than 30 years. And he has the skills to diagnose a condition such as diverticulitis without a CT scan.


We have checked this particular health record and were are quite confident that the correct diagnosis was given and the best course of treatment offered.  We have state-of-art equipment here. We are hardly a one-horse operation.


Who knows, maybe he didn't like the bill.

The conclusion drawn in the article is that Lesnar decided to use it as an opportunity to make a political point since he happened to be treated in Canada, which Olson didn't appreciate:

...I really take exception to someone giving us that kind of media coverage for their own political reasons.

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