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Linda Bollea settles with the Graziano family


Being reported everywhere is that Linda Bollea has reached a settlement in the lawsuit filed by the family of John Graziano over Graziano's brain injuries from the infamous accident that occured when Nick Bollea, son of Linda and Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea.  Graziano attorney George Tragos stated:

Linda, she was obviously in a different position than everyone else.  She was in California at the time of the accident and she did not sign for Nick Bollea's drivers license as Terry did, so she's in a different legal position.

Danny Jacobs, the driver who was alleged to have been racing with Nick, had reached a settlement with the Grazianos earlier.  The suit is still open as far as Nick and Terry go.  In his recently released memoir, Terry claimed that the forensic investigators he hired will prove that his and Nick's version of the story is accurate.

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