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Brock Lesnar benefits from unnamed "miracle cure," will fight in the Summer


As is being reported all over the place, Brock Lesnar is claiming to be recovered enough to fight the winner of Frank Mir vs Shane Carwin this Summer.  There are more details in his and Dana White's interview with ESPN and the coverage of his conference call that followed.

In the ESPN interview, Lesnar referred to a "miracle cure."  In the Bloody Elbow coverage of the conference call, it is said that "He started some natural healing medicine, and did a lot of praying."  I'd love a direct quote there, because if he said anything remotely close to "natural healing medicine," then that's too vague to be believable.  From my experience, if someone sees some sort of alternative/complimentary practitioner and see dramatic improvment (especially as much as Lesnar did), then they tend to be a lot more specific in what exactly was done to treat them, whether it's some form of herbs, acupuncture, or anything else.  Being that vague comes off as suspicious to me.

He also blasted the Canadian health care system (and made the usual comments about socialism that made it clear he didn't know what socialism is), even though he was initially misdiagnosed by an American doctor and it's believed that the hospital he referred to as "third world" (he's rich, so that could mean anything, but...) was on the backwoodsy side of things given his location when he was rushed there.

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