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Randy Orton accused of assault for spitting on a teenage wrestling fan


The Saugus Advertiser in Massachusetts is reporting that former WWE Champion Randy Orton is facing a hearing for spitting chewing gum in the face of a 15-year-old fan outside Kowloon Restaurant, where WWE wrestlers often have dinner after shows in the Boston area.  The story is allegedly that after the fan took a picture of Orton in the parking lot,  the fan asked Orton if he'd pose with him for another photo, but Orton spat his gum in his face and "called him a derogatory name."  The fan's mother confronted Orton, who allegedly replied with "so sue me."  Another underage male is said to have witnessed the incident.  At the hearing, a clerk magistrate will determine if there will be a criminal complaint for simple assault and battery.

This is the second time that a story of Orton getting agitated over a photo request has come up.  According to a story that circulated in September of 2007, Orton (already said to be upset because a security guard tried to get him to wear a bracelet that verified he could order alcholic beverages) threw a fan's camera down a flight of stairs when asked for a "quick picture" because "everyone just wants a quick pic."  Luckily for the fan, another customer caught the camera before it hit the ground, but the memory card had been removed.  Apparently, somebody called the police, but before they arrived, Orton gave the fan a $100 bill (with "To dipshit" written on it) and left the bar.  The fan didn't press charges.

Orton has been notorious in the past for his maturity issues.  He has been suspended from WWE in the past for smoking marijuana in front of the production crew at Wrestlemania 22 and then again about a year later after he was sent home from a European tour for trashing a hotel room.  He was also notorious for his behavior towards women in the company, especially Diva Search competitors.  Former WWE performers Amy Weber and Rochelle Loewen spoke publicly about the harassment after leaving the company, though fellow Diva Search competitor Christy Hemme said that she didn't think he did anything to them.

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