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Great moments in wrestling history: "I was waiting for my spot."


In the Summer of 1980, Ole Anderson had been a babyface for about a year after a long feud with Dusty Rhodes in Georgia.  They ended up teaming up against the Assassins in a cage match in what seemed like the usual kind of "old rivals unite" story, only with an extra twist: Each team chose a special referee.  The Assassins chose Ivan Koloff, while Ole Anderson chose his brother Gene.  With that stipulation, you probably figured out what happened next: The Andersons turned on Dusty, so it was a five on one beatdown in a cage.  Good guys stormed the ring to try to get in the cage, the fans were out for blood, and the bad guys eventually fled.  Ole bragged about it in an incredible interview on the next week's episodes of Georgia Championship Wrestling on TBS as they showed the carnage.  Check out the video of the whole glorious segment after the jump.

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