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ECW Results for 9/8/09


Yeah, a little late with this one, but ECW shows once again why they are one of the top two WWE programs.

  • Hurricane Helms defeated Paul Burchill in a match that actually showcased what's so great about ECW. They gave 12 minutes to two guys that would be lucky to get 3 minutes in the losing side of a squash match on either RAW or SMACKDOWN.
  • Sheamus & Shelton Benjamin defeated Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu when Benjamin tagged himself in and pinned Goldust. This led to a brawl between Sheamus and Shelton after the match. It's clear that Benjamin will be Sheamus' next program, which to me shows that the WWE is giving him a strong upper-midcard push in ECW. At this rate, expect to see Sheamus getting buried on SMACKDOWN after the next draft.
  • Zack Ryder defeated local talent Rory Fargo. Wow, Ryder actually won a match. I guess someone took his place in the doghouse this week.
  • Ezekiel Jackson & Vladmir Kozlov defeated Tommy Dreamer & Christian when Jackson pinned Dreamer. After the match William Regal beatdown both Dreamer & Christian. I hope Regal wins the belt at the ppv in two weeks. I am really digging his ECW faction.

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