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WWE Looking to Cripple a New Generation of Stars: TLC Matches are Back En Vogue


The last generation of young workers to really get over needed that extra oomph, the difference between your typical middling WWE push and the kind of push that puts you over and keeps you over.  There was nothing special about The Hardy Boyz or Edge and Christian.  They were fine workers and good looking young men.  So were a million other babyface tag teams that came and went from big time wrestling.  What got them over was the gimmick match:  Table, Ladders, and Chairs.

Eventually though, the crazy matches had to end.  Workers just couldn't handle the punishement they were inflicting on their own bodies.  But now there is a new generation of young workers to get over, a group that hasn't paid the price yet.  According to the Pro Wrestling Torch, it's time to break them.

The event is scheduled for December 13 from San Antonio. WWE has not released official details on how the TLC concept match will be incorporated into the PPV, but the main event matches will most-likely be TLC format.

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