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Sean O'Haire At It Again: Former WCW Tag Team Champ Arrested for Assaulting A Woman

Sean O'Haire, who was arrested in 2004 after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, is back in the news.  And when a wrestler is in the news, it's never a good thing.  Years after his WCW heyday, O'Haire still has the juice to make TMZ.

According to the police report, the woman claims Haire -- who's now a 6'6" tall, 270 lbs MMA fighter -- stormed downstairs unprovoked and "started screaming and throwing items around her."

Moments later, Haire's girlfriend claims he "began to choke her while calling her a bitch and a whore."

According to the report, Haire's girlfriend said she "does not know what caused the sudden attack, but that it has happened in the past on several occasions."

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