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Uncle Victator's Wrestling Feedbag

This is another entry I posted at my personal blog, I promise to have a brand new entry for Cageside Seats in the next day or two.

This is a match I have wanted to see for years but never have. Local Blockbuster never had the commercial tape and there was nothing else on the show to justify buying it. On a whim I decided to look for it online.

I remember the build up for this match well, because Saturn was one of my favorite guys in wrestling. Scott Keith called him the mutant offspring of Taz and Sabu as an insult. But thats a wrestler I want to watch every night. Anyway after a match on Thunder Saturn calls out Goldberg, Goldberg accepts and we have a match.

I like Saturn's look here. He has grown his hair out and he looks like a homeless veteran. His hair being grown out helps as it does not look like Goldberg vs mini Goldberg.

The match starts with Saturn attacking Goldberg right off the bat. He throws Goldberg into the ropes only for Goldberg to catch Saturn's knee and hit a big pumphandle suplex. He then hits him with this underhook belly to belly suplex. He then rolls Saturn into a leglock. Kidman tries to intefere but Goldberg puts him up in a gorilla press and throws him out of the ring on to Saturn.

Saturn flips over Goldberg back into the ring and hits some kicks and takes him off his feet with a leg drop. Then comes off the top with a elbow. Saturn starts working over Goldberg with kicks whips him into the other corner. He goes for a suplex but Goldberg counters into this weird move. Looks kinda like "Roll the Dice" except it hurt. Then Goldberg hit the gorilla press into powerslam and it looks like its going to be a short nights work for Goldberg. But Kidman distracts Goldberg again.

One thing I like about Saturn in this match is how he is selling the beating. he is not popping up the second its his turn to be in control. Instead he looks like a guy who has been beaten up and thrown around by a guy bigger than he is. He is on the apron and snaps Goldberg's neck across the top rope then leap frogs over the rope with a splash. Saturn is still in control and hits a big exploder suplex on Goldberg. He follows it up with a thrust kick and a running knee to knock Goldberg out of the ring.

Saturn hits a flying dropkick off the apron knocking Goldberg into the ring steps. He puts Goldberg's head between the steps and the turnbuckle, and slams the steps. Saturn jumps off the apron and nails a hurracanrana on Goldberg. He throws Goldberg into the turnbuckle. Saturn tries to lep off the ropes with a back elbow but slips. But they cover for it to make it look like Goldberg blocked it. Actually it might of been an Asai moonsault but Saturn changed direction to keep from being killed.

They get back into the ring and Saturn hits a top rope spinning heel kick. Now Saturn is trying to force Goldberg to the mat attempting different arm submissions.

Saturn has him in another armbar but Goldberg stands up and stomps Saturn's face. Saturn has his wits enough to hit a drop toehold and slide into a front facelock. But Goldberg drives Saturn into the corner and hits some shoulderblocks. Goldberg whips Saturn into the corner, Saturn hit a boot but Goldberg hits a side slam. Saturn comes off the rops with a dropkick, he tries to charge Goldberg, but Goldberg hits him with a thrust kick. I really have to praise Goldberg here. His selling is really good. He looks like a guy who has taken a beating, not a guy whose turn it is to get beaten up.

Goldberg finally hits Saturn with the spear. Its time for the JackHammer but Saturn hits the low blow while the ref was distracted. Saturn attempts to suplerplex Goldberg, but Goldberg hits a super gorilla press! This brings in the Flock. Really fun watching Goldberg clean house here. He punches Sick Boy, leaps off the second rope and hits Reese with a side kick, then mows down Kidman with a spear. But Saturn is still not done and locks on the Rings of Saturn. Its not enough as Goldberg still hits the Jackhammer.

Really like this match. Its not perfect but it feels like a big deal. More of a big deal than the matches higher up on the card. Both Saturn and Goldberg come off of this match looking great.

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