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Guilty Pleasures #3: The Eliminators


Vince may have gotten the idea for Eugene from these guys.


This is the story of two dudes who happened to be in the right place at the right time. Perry Saturn met John Kronus while Kronus was bouncing at a Boston bar. After some training at Killer Kowalski's school, they got booked by Jerry Jarrett in Memphis. Jarrett made them one of his top teams, but at the time PG-13 were the #1 heel tag team, so there was only so far they could go.

The Japanese promotion WAR booked The Eliminators for a tour in 95, where they caught the eye of Paul Heyman, owner of ECW. Heyman saw potential in these two guys. Well, potential ripoffs anyway, as he soon made them his version of the Road Warriors.

When looking back on the teams that would feud with The Eliminators in ECW, it's weird to see how out of shape everyone is. I mean, literally every team had at least one fat guy in it. The Gangstas, the Pitbulls, it's amazing any of these matches went 10 full minutes.

Saturn left ECW and got a contract in WCW, and later in the WWE. Kronus hooked up for a cup of coffee run in the WWE, but was so fat by that point that they soon released him.

Kronus died in his sleep in 2007. It soon came to light that he had been wrestling all those years mentally retarded., and what could be a guiltier pleasure than knowing you had been watching Radio bleed for years and loving every second of it.

Here is a video of Kronus taking on New Jack in a high school gym in 2001. Enjoy!


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