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Battle of the Giants: Big Show and The Great Khali Slug it Out Backstage

According to Bryan Alvarez's Figure Four Weekly Newsletter (one of the top 5 wrestling newsletters on the market) there was a fight backstage between two of the WWE's largest Superstars.  This is a big story in more ways than one.  Or it's not.  They're big.  That's the joke.  More after the jump allows me time to wipe up this flop sweat.  Comedy is hard.

Don't have a lot of details, but apparently there was a fight backstage at the Smackdown house show in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, on Saturday night between Big Show and Great Khali. The main event of the show was Matt Hardy & Undertaker & Khali beating Show & Jericho & CM Punk. Show and Khali brawled together outside at the finish. When they got backstage there was apparently an argument. The story I heard was that Khali fucked up something at the finish and Show called him out on sucking, and they started grappling around. One source said, "Show slipped on someone's bag and it was over." Another report said after they ended up on the ground Khali got the mount position and was laying in slaps before Undertaker pulled them apart. The two were kept away from each other in the ring the rest of the tour.

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