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2009 NWA Hall of Fame Class



While Bix and Kurt Brown are busy discussing the Wrestlign Observer Hall of Fame, another Hall is expanding. According to*, the following legends (and Dennis Coralluzzo) will comprise the 2009 NWA Hall of Fame:

* Paul Orndorff 
* Dennis Coralluzzo
* Jerry Jarrett
* Terry Funk
* Mil Mascaras
* Tully Blanchard
* Gene Kiniski

OF these names, Orndorff is the most questionable.  He was a fitting WWE Hall of Famer.  His best years were there and he lit the territory on fire with Hogan in 1986.  I don't think his work in Florida or Mid South for the NWA was at that level.

* is notorious for viruses and other malware.  We will not link readers there.  Travel at your own risk.