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Dragon Gate USA results for 9/6/09 (with a former ROH star making his debut!)


On September 6th, 2009, Dragon Gate USA held their second PPV taping, this time in Chicago, IL. The results after the jump.


  • In the "Fray!" match (not taped for PPV), Johnny Gargano  beat Arik Cannon, Flip Kendrick, Hallowicked, Mustafa Ali, The Great Malaki, Louis Lyndon, and Shiima Xion to win the for the second time when he eliminated Hallowicked.
  • Dragon Kid pinned Masato Yoshino
  • Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw defeated Gran Akuma & YAMATO when Quackenbush pinned Akuma.
  • JIMMY JACOBS MADE HIS DGUSA DEBUT(!), trying to recruit The Young Bucks to join him. They turned him down. Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito appeared, aligning themselves with Jacobs, and helping him ambush the Bucks.
  • Naruki Doi defeated Bryan Danielson in what has been described as an incredible match. Danielson came out to no music (as it was being filmed for PPV), so the fans sang "The Final Countdown". After the match, Danielson called upon all indy wrestlers to go after his crown of "Best in the World", specifically naming Davey Richards.
  • CIMA defeated Brian Kendrick, in what was said to be a very disappointing match. Perhaps the only good thing to come from this matchup was the fact that CIMA is VERY over with the American fans.
  • Davey Richards defeated Shingo by submission in a match that DGUSA announcer Lenny Leonard posted on Twitter as one of the best matches he has seen in ages. THIS match is being described as the match of the night. After the match, Danielson came into the ring to "pass the torch" to Richards, which led to Richards beating down Danielson and leaving him in the ring.
  • Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito defeated The Young Bucks in what is being described as the 3rd GREAT match of the night. The Bucks got a pinfall while the ref was bumped, with Horiguchi & Saito cheating to win the match.

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