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Gina Carano to star in Steven Soderbergh spy thriller


According to a blog by Mike Fleming on the Variety website Gino Carano will star in Steven Soderbergh's spy thriller "Knockout," .  Fleming also wrote about the plot of "knockout"

"Knockout" casts Carano as a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who is given a second chance to use her skills for constructive purposes. The film is a closer cousin to "La Femme Nikita" and "Kill Bill" than "Million Dollar Baby," in that it doesn’t take place in the fight ring. Rather, Soderbergh considers the film as a flat out action film in the James Bond mold, and will shoot in locations around the world that include Ireland, Turkey and the U.S.



If this movie becomes a hit do you think Gina will be spending any more time fighting in places like StrikeForce?

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