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Great Moments in MMA History: Frye vs Takayama


There have been countless entertaining fights in the history of MMA. There have been countless boring fights as well. But there is only ONE Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama. Don Frye. American hero. Mustachioed judoka. Yoshihiro Takayama. World champion in pro wrestling. Professional punching bag in MMA. By themselves they are impressive in their own right. Combined, they are legendary. Those of you who have already seen it are fully aware of the glory of this fight. The rest of you are about to be enlightened. Equal parts barroom brawl and hockey fight, this match is six minutes and ten seconds of combat in it's purest, most primal form. I invite you... no, I IMPLORE YOU to make the jump and witness one of the finest, if not THE finest, moments in MMA history.



Cageside Seats bows out of respect to the two masters Frye and Takayama and the masterpiece that they have created.

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