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Smackdown recap for 8/4/09




Welcome to my Smackdown recap now in glorious classic IWC CRZ/Todd Martin form.

1. Jeff Hardy comes out maybe to talk about how his spirit says that he can fly (But much like Icarus when he tried to fly last week he was the loser  but unlike Icarus  Jeff was never on the Captain N cartoon) But wait… That is not the Jeff Hardy we know and love it is the dastardly heel CM Punk dressed as Jeff. It is really funny  to see the crowd slowly figure this out. Punk cuts another great promo and then Matt Hardy comes out and attacks Punk for what he did to Jeff last week. ( the man that Matt tried to murder last year).

Backstage Punk is accusing Matt of being "hopped up" on the same things his brother is always on (Punk accusing everybody of being high is becoming one of the best parts of current WWE programming) Blah blah Long makes Punk vs Hardy  for the main event of the show.

2.  Khali/Finlay vs Knox and Kane. This ends when Finlay layed out Knox with his shaleighleigh to win  (cheat to win you babyface you)

In the back Vince (in a pimping pink suit) insults Teddy Long

3. Rey Mytserio  takes on  John Morrison for the IC Title Match. This match is all kinds of great. At the end Morrison hits the star ship pain for the win (Or FTW if you like internet memes) It is clear that Rey was trying to impress people in WWE after having a really bad week.

R-Truth comes out and that new british guy (I will make that name my pet nickname for him) kicks his ass.

4. Eve & Maria Vs. Layla & Natalya. Usually when Im watching Smackdown I would turn on CNN or something when the divas are wrestling but I guess I really have to watch this now.  For the finish Eve hit’ s her  handspring splash thing on Layla to get he three count.

5.  Matt Hardy beats Punk via DQ when Punk attacks him with a chair to end the match. Then the Undertaker comes out and chokeslams Punk on the announcers table to end the show.









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