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Loser Leaves Town Podcast 9/4/09 w/ Kurt Brown: Observer Hall of Fame 2009 Part 1


I'm joined by Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame voter, wrestler/historian/reporter/etc Kurt Brown (being bitten in the above photograph by El Fisico Nuclear) to discuss the every single act on the ballot (in alphabetical order) for the 2009 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame voting.  This is a task so huge that it must be divided into two parts, two hours each (yes, it's long!).  In part 1, we cover everyone on the ballot from the Andersons to the Rock 'n' Roll Express, with tons of sidetracking to other topics such as The Monster, Lars Anderson's cyborg gimmick, and much more.  I learned a ton from throwing names at Kurt's psychedelic wrestling brain and you will, too.  A great, great show.  Part 2 of this Labor Day weekend spectacular will be posted on Sunday or Monday.

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