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TNA Continues Cleaning House: Angelina Love Released

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According to PWInsider, TNA has released Angelina Love, one of the Beautiful People.

In a move that will probably take most fans of the company by surprise, former TNA Knockouts champion Angelina Love of the Beautiful People was released late yesterday by the company.

According to numerous sources within the company, there was some sort of issue with Love's work visa (she's Canadian) expiring and not being renewed as needed.

Love, who worked for TNA as recently as the Impact tapings this past Monday and Tuesday, had been working on a work visa originally granted to her from when she was under a WWE developmental deal. The existing visa has either expired or will expire shortly.

One TNA source referred to it as the company's "hands being tied" since they can't legally use Love if she doesn't have her paperwork in order. There was a lot of unhappiness within the company regarding the entire situation going down, although it seemed to be more disappointment as opposed to heat on Love.

My guess is that TNA would bring her back if and when she can get her paperwork in order, although the release would conceivably leave her available to sign with WWE and work there (pending a new work visa).

Love and Velvet Sky, as the Beautiful People, had been the top heel act for the TNA Knockouts division and were scheduled to be involved in an important bout on the No Surrender PPV on 9/22.

There's no word yet as to how Love will be written out of TNA storylines at this time

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