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Full-Fledged ROH Raid? Nigel McGuinness Signs with WWE



In a no-brainer move that no one thought would ever happen, WWE has signed Ring of Honor stalwart Nigel McGuinness. 


ROH's statement after the jump.

Nigel McGuinness has agreed in principle to a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Nigel has been a tremendous leader in the Ring of Honor locker room and, without question, a wonderful performer. His merits, both in and out of the ring, are extraordinary and any locker room with Nigel McGuinness in it is better for it. We couldn’t be happier for Nigel as he takes the next step in his stellar wrestling career, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Nigel for all he’s worked for and through.

Nigel has pledged to fulfill his scheduled Ring of Honor commitments. Please join us in Philadelphia, Boston, and New York as we bid an extremely fond farewell to another member of our family.

Everyone at Ring of Honor is extremely proud to have called both Nigel McGuinness and Bryan Danielson their own; and we looking forward to seeing their stars shine brighter than ever. Like many of the wonderful sons of Ring of Honor that have written new chapters in their wrestling annals, we will look on with a bittersweet smile to the future where we have no doubt that Nigel and Bryan will amaze the masses – just like they’ve done so many times in Ring of Honor.

With the closing of this chapter a new one opens in Ring of Honor. We now look to an exciting time where new stars will blaze their own paths, while looking back in reverence to those who came before them. Who will seize the opportunity and carry the torch for ROH? We only hope that whoever it is will carry it with the same respect - the same honor - that Bryan and Nigel have.

More on this story later today.

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