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Chavo Guerrero Unclear on How Twitter Works

Chavo Guerrero has either been confused as to how Twitter works, or is just a big fan of bigotry and hate-speech.  The perennial WWE also-appeared has been using his Twitter account to drop some realtalk on wrestling fans who have been mocking his losing streak against Hornswoggle.  To wit:

u all realize that its not wrestling anymore, right? it's entertainment. sometimes I wonder by your comments.


u guys realize, that I can out "wrestle" most guys in the WWE, right? The way u guys respond,makes me think that u actually think I'm losing


it makes me think that I'm responding to RETARDS!


we're not the UFC. it's not real! I can beat up a midget any day of the week, and so could u! But who wants to see that?

I think it's great that WWE is finally allowing its Superstars to have legit Twitter accounts, if for no other reason than it means dudes are going to start putting their feet in their mouths in real time. 

When someone finally called Chavo out on the fact that, you know, people can see what you're writing and may not think it's super cool, he offered the following "apology":

Ok, so I have a temper. i'm Latino, Remember! lol

lol indeed, Chavito.  lol indeed.

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