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Matt Hughes: In UFC to Stay

There have been some questions over the last few fights of Matt Hughes and if he'll continue to fight and possibly sully his legacy, or if he'll hang up the gloves and retire. On his latest blog entry on his site, Hughes himself talks about signing a new UFC contract and that he'll continue fighting for quite a while;

Last week I went out to Vegas and I signed a multi-fight deal with the UFC, which is much like my last contract. I also brought up the fact that I wanted to do a hunting show and they thought that would be a good thing. They still have to find out who, where and when my next fight will be and I will try to post that info ASAP. Nothing is decided yet, so anything you might be reading on the internet right now is just rumors and speculation. However, one name the UFC did bring up is a person I’ve never fought before.

So it seems with Hughes we'll get to look forward to him against an entirely new opponent, as opposed to some of the rumors like a rematch with Frank Trigg or Matt Serra.

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